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March meetup is coming 14.3.

Published by Juhis

Magdalena Stenius: "Good-enough SRE for production software projects" and Mikko Harju: "Implementing and using Rule-based systems in Python". archipylago at Taiste, Thu 14.3.2024 18-20.30

Our next event is coming in two weeks. Our good friends at Taiste are hosting us this time and we have two excellent talks booked for the event.


Magdalena Stenius - Good-enough SRE for production software projects

Magdalena has been a pivotal part in Turku's Python community as an organizer of community and we're excited she's joining us as a speaker for this event. She works at Wolt and this month she's sharing her experience in building good-enough SRE practices in their team.

During her talk, we can expect an introduction to the theme as well as a practical example from Wolt's personalisation-api service that caters their global user base daily.

Mikko Harju - Implementing and using Rule-based systems in Python

Mikko is a Technology Director at Taiste and he will introduce us to the world of rule-based systems and how to implement and use them in Python. He will show how to use py-rete project to implement Rete engines in native Python.


The event is free but we have limited seating so you need to sign up at our Meetabit page.

The meetup takes place - after which we'll continue open discussions at Saaristobaari, one block from the venue.

Want to give a talk or host our event?

We're always on the lookout for speakers and sponsors. If you are interested to do either, get in touch: you can email me at juhamattisantala (at), talk to us in #archipylago-general in TurkuDev Discord or come say hi during an event.